Kidsthatcode(KTC) is an initiative that encourages kids and teens in this part of the world to start coding early by training and mentoring them on their journey to becoming software developers. Our talented team of software developers and graphic designers use fun teaching methods that enhance the easy understanding of programming in students.

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Why KidsThatCode?

Technology is rapidly improving daily, KTC is a way to make young people aware and give them an opportunity to learn and open up to coding and graphic designs in the most fun way ever,with interactive classes and teamwork. You wouldn't wanna miss a day!

KTC Team

Meet the team!💪
Haastrup Adejoke
Haastrup Adejoke

csharp programmer

cool,calm and collected absolute lover of what she does.😊

Okikijesu Doyindada
Okikijesu Doyindada

Graphic desginer

One of the few graphic designers out there that care about impacting knowledge

Omonzejele Precious
Omonzejele Precious


Enthusiastic, passionate with great sense of humor.great with the codes

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E-mail: info@kidsthatcode.com.ng Phone: +2348102977181