There are so many reasons why you should learn to code but
here are 5 interesting points I have put together for you to give coding a try.

1)Self Development: Personal growth is the ongoing process of understanding and developing yourself in order to achieve your fullest potential.
one of the ways personal growth can be accomplished is by learning to code.
because daily, while learning about a new syntax( E.G:string{name}) or a new language you find out that you are improving and developing yourself.
You become more conscious about providing solutions to problems people might have.

2) You Become Employable: Over the years, people have asked me a lot of questions about “learning to code” they say things like
“Will I get a job”? “Will I make money”? “Must everybody know how to code?”
The answer to all these questions is Yes.
You become highly skilled by learning to code.
It is enough to get you a high paying job anywhere in the world.
And you can also make money by getting freelance jobs allowing you to work from the comfort of your home.

3) Start Up Your Bussiness: If you learn to code setting up a new business will be as easy as making a cup of coffee because you will save the cost of
having to hire a developer to setup your website.
You can easily do it yourself and start making money online.

4) Sharing the knowledge: by learning to code, you have the opportunity of sharing what you have learned with others,
by joining online communities like Kidsthatcode, asking coding related questions and also solving coding problems for other people like yourself.

5) No need to be in a class: one of the interesting reasons coding is fun to learn is that you don’t have to be in a class
you can learn to code from anywhere in the world at your own pace all you will need is a LAPTOP

So what are you waiting for?
Go get your laptop and let’s begin


  • Emmanuel

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece. I will love to learn this skills. I have a laptop. How do I begin this great journey?


    I really want to learn how to code.Please help. Thank you.

  • charles

    great, keep it up, am a fan


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