Am sure you will have questions on your mind like:
“why is learning to code important?”
“what is the essence of graphic design?”
“what will i gain from KTC?”

All your questions will be answered at Kidsthatcode.
by the end of your amazing experience,You should be able to:

  • Design logos
  • Design posters
  • Understand basics of photoshop
  • Html designs
  • Understand the basic concepts of web designs
  • Understand the foundation of programming languages
  • Create applications that run in console
  • Declaring and manipulation of variables
  • Exposure to new technologies
  • Teamwork

Lets make your holiday super fun and remember to come with YOUR LAPTOP!!!

5 thoughts on “What will i gain from KTC?

  • kennedy

    NICE!!….i cant wait to begin

  • Josh Trager


  • Irene

    Great concept!!!

  • precious

    Wawu, its really cool. When is it starting?

    • jastrup

      yeah its cool, kidsthatcode start on the 4th of August


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