Summer Bootcamp is the time when we spend our summer deep-diving into writing codes.

Summer Bootcamp is really important because we finally get enough time to code outside of school. this means more time to learn and do more!

This year, we hosted Bootcamp at The Nest Hub Yaba, Lagos with over a hundred kids in attendance.

We had a road map to learn the basics of web and game development.

The first few days into Bootcamp, we started learning HTML and CSS with this, kids were able to create their own webpages. In game development class kids were being introduced to game developing tools.

Later into Bootcamp, Kids were being introduced to Javascript and were taught programming concepts, logic and how Javascript can be used in developing web pages. While the gaming guys were already coming up with different versions of their games.

At the end of Bootcamp, we had Demo day were kids presented all they learned and built to their parents.

Bootcamp was sure so much fun we are all excited and can’t wait for Summer Bootcamp 2020