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We encourage kids to learn and start coding early. This keeps them on the right part to becoming good developers. 



Kids are encouraged to build and create awesome projects with the knowledge they have acquired during code labs


Learning is fun when being shared with others. We encourage kids to build projects and share with the world.

About Us

Kidsthatcode(KTC) is an initiative that encourages kids and teens in this part of the world to start coding early. The reason behind this is to enhance the easy understanding of programming in them if they decide to take a career in software development later in the future. Already having a basic knowledge of coding is a great start to becoming a software developer.

Prepare Your Kids For The Future

Studies have shown that by the year 2030 technology would have taken over the world even up to our day to day jobs would be taken over by robots. The only way to stand out and be prepared for this is to start building and understanding new technologies. Regardless of the career path, your kids decide to take in the future technology is going to be a huge part of it. This is why we are preparing kids for the future.



Using languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript kids are introduced into  programming and development skills

Technical Concepts

Concepts like Booleans and If Statements that challenge kids to learn language skills that pave the way into careers in technology and engineering

Problem Solving

We help kids learn to allocate and use finite resources and develop insightful solutions to problems

Critical Thinking

Including thinking, planning, organization, memory and attention that prepare kids for future education and careers

What is the age limit for kidsthatcode?

Presently, the age limit for kidsthatcode is from ages 9-19 this allows both young and older kids to get a chance at coding.

What do my kids have to bring to attend?

Number one most important thing is a laptop. This helps them to follow along during code labs as most of what we do will be more practical.

What is the time duration?

Time duration during code labs is usually 3 –  4 hours per day.

Can my kids have a private session at home?

Yes your kids can have private session at home. All you have to do is request for a private tutor form and a developer will be assigned to you.


What KTC Parents are Saying 

My kids had so much fun it was enjoyable and educative – Doyinsola Jawando-Adebomehin


I think the delivery was okay. All the coordinators were warm and created a beautiful atmosphere that encouraged learning – Olufunto Olude

On some days, my son wants to code and build web apps. They told them to  build one page site he built an 8 page movie and game website – Ized Uanikhehi